What Are You Looking For?

I lose things a lot; I've lost my keys, my wallet, my ID cards so I am very used to people asking me what I'm looking for. And yes, when I've lost my keys, my wallet or my ID cards, other people can help. 

But this past year it felt like I lost myself. I had moved to another country, I was so far away from everything I knew, and I couldn't seem to fit in. I didn't know who I was. And I realized I bring myself couldn't talk to anyone about it. 

So I decided to use my MFA thesis project as a means to heal myself, find my center, give myself the therapy I needed. 

So, 'What Are You Looking For?' Is my process of accepting, exploring and adapting -  to America (and being a person of color), to the process of making friends, to new customs and to myself.

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